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Hazard Manager is a secure, password protected web portal dedicated to Category 1 and 2 responders. It provides a one stop information source for all environmental information, incorporating the services of both the Met Office and Flood Forecasting Centre.

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Conditions of use

Hazard Manager is available to all Category 1 and 2 responders as designated in the Civil Contingencies Act (and equivalent Civil Contingencies Framework in Northern Ireland).

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Searching for your organisation

To find your organisation just start typing in the box and a list of organisations matching the text as you type will appear in a drop-down box.

If your organisation does not appear, it might be because the text string you typed isn't part of the organisation name we have in our database , e.g. typing in lincs will not find the name if we have stored Lincolnshire County Council. In this case, using linc will find the organisation name (plus any other organisations with that string in the name).

Note that the drop-down box will show up to thirty organisations - just enter more-specific text to refine the search.


If you are experiencing problems finding your organisation, please refer to the information above on how to search for your organisation.

If you continue to experience problems finding your organisation or using any other part of the registration application, please contact us.

If you are unable to use the verification code please contact us and we will create an account for you.

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For optimum viewing, Hazard Manager requires minimum system settings.

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